Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Books 2017

Jan 3 -- first book completed of 2017.
'Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports' by James Patterson. Third in the series.

These books are awful, especially the audio versions, and yet I can't seem to stop listening.

They could serve as a teen lesson in what isn't a romance, for one thing. Fang's behavior throws up so many red flags. And the writing is just...gooey and weak.

God knows I'm not pretending I can do better, but it just isn't what I'd normally read on purpose. But apparently maybe it is because as bad as it is, from plot holes to weak devices barely outside the 'all a dream!' cop out (okay actually *including* that one) to gooey unbelievable characters, less flat than squished, I want to hear the end of the story.

I'm listening to the fourth now. There are eight in the series, I think, and my library has all in audio, so I guess finishing them isn't a terrible idea, but I keep wondering why I want to.

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