Monday, February 22, 2016

Sub Notes

The following are notes for the kids for schoolwork while I'm gone.

Guys, I'm including work for up to five days. I don't expect to be gone that long, but I want to be prepared just in case. Read this thoroughly, because you don't want to end up doing extra work because you've failed to do *the correct* work.

In some assignments, you may see suggested 'extra' work. Feel free to do this just because, but it's also so Stuart or Grandma Teresa or anyone else here with you has some options if you need to be kept busy.

Harmony, your assignments will be below, because (I think) you don't have access to Google Docs on your kindle. Boys, some of yours will be below, others here. I assume I don't have to tell any of you to read every day.

Skylar: Continue math as usual. Your assignment for writing/history is here. Four days of cool science video lessons are here. Consider Khan Academy backup this week -- something to do if you run out of these, need more on any particular day, or just really want to continue what you've been doing there.

Cayman: For math, I want you to do extra practice on two-step equations and percents. You can do even numbers on pages where you've already done odd, if for some reason by the time I go this isn't updated with specific page numbers.
Your assignment for writing/grammar is here.
Here are social studies and science lessons. If you need extra work in this area, you can check out the lessons on Harmony and Skylar's lists, or other videos on the same sites as your assignment. You can also do Khan Academy if you need something more to do.


For math, you have these five sections in the Saxon book (the purple one). They are all things you have done but can use some practice with.
For writing, you're going to have some vocabulary. I thought since you finished <em>A Wrinkle In Time</em> it might be fun to do words from that. Click here for the words from the first three chapters.
Day 1: Copy the words and definitions.
Day 2: Spelling practice: write each word 5 times. As you write, remember the definitions.
Day 3: Practice using the words. Write sentences using at least 10 of the words correctly.
Day 4 and 5: If I'm gone this long, on these days you can write a short story using at least 7-10 vocabulary words.
For science:
Day 1. Check out why cats meow here. What about landing on their feet when they fall? Click here.
Write a short (a few sentences) explanation of what you learned.
Day 2. Instead of a science lesson, try this. Plain white paper is in the kitchen cabinet, and you can decorate it with your glitter crayons.
Day 3. Let's check out rodents! These are adorable and fun videos, that are also educational. First, click here for adorable hamsters -- and x-rays. Second, the capybara is the largest rodent alive. They can grow to around 2 feet tall, and 4 feet long. Here is a cute video of some taking a bath. Last, check out these jerboas. They are cute little bouncy rodents.
Day 4. How do hot air balloons work? You can try the experiment if you'd like, but only if the adult here is okay with it. You can use a large grocery bag. Click here for the video.
Day 5. So, how smart are animals? Click here to learn about animal intelligence.