Monday, August 31, 2015

School Year 2015, Day 4

Day 4, 8-31-15

Library visit. (reading)

H(4th): Saxon math 5/4 page 5
C(7th): Algebra learning app, lesson 1 (still waiting for his textbook)
S(8th): Algebra 2 text, lesson 1 (organizing/representing sets of numbers)

Reading: 1 hour free reading
S: Tom Sawyer
C: Goosebumps
H: Coraline

Science: Quirkology experiments: water surface tension, volume, creating a vacuum

Writing: Describe a time when you had a difficult decision and made the right choice.

History/Social Studies: Listened to podcast on Compton Cafeteria Riots (Stuff You Missed In History Class) and discussed causes of uprisings.

Extracurricular: All three kids participated in a karate class.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Homeschool 2015-16 Days 1-3

We started school Wednesday, two days after the public schools, since C(7th) and H(4th) didn't get home until Monday.

Wednesday, Day 1: Impromptu field trip to the aquarium. Enjoyed the animatronic dinosaur display, talked with sea turtle rescue team. H wants to volunteer when she's old enough.

Spent time on the drive reviewing last year's math, ensuring we're ready to move on for this year.

Thursday, Day 2: Started a crossover project. Kids are to research current events, list 10 or more important issues in presidential race, and write an essay explaining the 3 most important issues, in their eyes. (Writing, Social Studies)

All kids also spent time observing a local artist at work. (Social Studies/Community Awareness)

Friday, Day 3: S(8th) and C took feedback on their first drafts for their presidential papers, and began final drafts. We did not address any factual concerns at this point, only grammatical and technical. (Writing) (Next week we will address a few factual errors in a Social Studies lesson.)

 H began an investigation into a health question she had the previous night: Why does the stomach growl when hungry? She researched online and took notes, then explained the phenomenon in her own words in a few paragraphs. (Research, Writing, Health/Biology)

Our textbooks have been ordered but the delivery was delayed, so for math, S and C were each given review questions from last year's textbooks to be sure they're prepared for new material. C still needs to review a few more topics. Today he addressed multiplying and dividing fractions. Next week, he'll review multiplying and dividing decimals. After that, he seems prepared to move on. S wanted to review geometric formulas -- circumference of a circle, etc. He is prepared to move on, and his textbook will hopefully arrive tomorrow. (Math)